Organic Short Handled String Bag - Blush

Organic Short Handled String Bag - Blush

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Say no to plastic bags with these organic cotton string bags from Turtle Bags. They're super strong and durable, each bag can hold up to 40kg!

Available in a range of colours, these bags make a perfect alternative to plastic carrier bags and are ideal for when you're out shopping or packing fruit and veg. The lightweight material makes them perfect for folding up and storing until you're ready to use them, small enough to be kept in your handbag or glove box of your car so you'll always have one at the ready, and the long handles make them easy to carry once you've filled them up.

  • Made from 100% GOTS Organic Cotton
  • Fair Trade
  • Holds up to 40kg
  • Say No to Plastic

Turtle Bags was founded back in 2001 when single use carrier bags were readily available, their aim is to raise awareness of the hazards of plastic bags and to provide a high quality, sustainable, plastic free alternative. Turtle Bags are not just committed to helping protect our oceans, they're also proud of their fair trade practices, working with the WFTO to ensure ethical practices through the production of their stylish bags.

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