Cotton Reusable Make Up Rounds - Navy
Cotton Reusable Make Up Rounds - Navy
Cotton Reusable Make Up Rounds - Navy
Cotton Reusable Make Up Rounds - Navy
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Cotton Reusable Make Up Rounds - Navy

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  • Cotton reusable make up rounds.
  • Set of 14 in a muslin bag. 
  • Eco-friendly reusable alternative to single use disposable make up wipes or cotton pads. 
  • Pattern: Navy with multi-coloured bird design. 

Handmade reusable eye/face make up remover pads made up of two layers of the softest brushed cotton with absorbent 100% cotton towelling sandwiched in between and serged around the edges.

The soft on the skin and the absorbent cotton terry towelling core is perfect for applying cleansers and moisturisers as well as removal.

The 3 layers of soft 100% cotton fabric feel much softer than flimsier thinner pads.

They have even be used as mini flannels by wee ones in the bath! 

Matching 100% handmade muslin bags for storage or so that they can be bundled together safely inside the bag and thrown into the washing machine to be used again and again.

A great first step towards a zero waste home, not only are you saving the environment, but you are also saving money!

Care - pads are fully machine washable at 40c.

Please note that there will be some shrinkage so they have made these pads bigger than required to reflect this.

Disposal- at the end of their useful life, our pads can be recycled in your community textile recycling bin or cut up for composting.

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