Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide - ToyDrop x A Circle Back

Melissa Bowden

A gift guide for the Mother figure in your life, curated by A Circle Back, for ToyDrop.

ToyDrop is an online store selling ethical toys for little humans and soon will be re-launching as a digital magazine. Check out Anna's instagram and website for more info on a wonderful ethical business she's built, with a simple mission, to raise awesome humans.

This gift guide was made with Mama's in mind but is equally adaptable for any of the women in your life. 

Have an occasion to celebrate? Do you want to say thank you in a thoughtful way? Or is there someone you want to do something special for, just because? Whatever the occasion find three edit's below 'for her 'with gift inspiration from great ethically minded small businesses and more.

If you'd like any of the products stocked on A Circle Back, I'll happily write a handwritten note to accompany your gift, so it can get directly to the recipient on time. Just ask. 

If you're ordering directly from any other brands, remember to check delivery times and opt in for Next Day Delivery if you'd like to receive it for Mother's Day (this Sunday - 31st March). 


Gifts for the food lover, delicious ideas for your very own master chef! 


From left to right:

1. Curry Subscription Box – The Spicery – From £18 - Bristol based curry subscription service. Choose from Family Favourites, Date Night, World Kitchen Explorer or Food Truck spice kits. Charitable donations and community built by this conscious curry community!

2. Relish Trio - Rubies in the Rubble – £12 -  Chutney’s made sustainably from food which would’ve otherwise go to waste. Condiments with a Conscience.

3. Ocelot Bee Pollen & Mango Chocolate – Ocelot - £6 per bar or £25 for 5 bars – Organic, fair trade chocolate. Inventive flavours and beautifully packaged in FSC certified paper stock. Handmade, designed and packaged in a micro chocolate factory in the old port of Leith, Edinburgh.   

4. Elegant Wine Glasses - Nkuku - £8.95 each - Sophisticated wine glasses to add a bit of glamour to any table. Working with artisans all over the world, individual homewares are created using sustainable materials and traditional skills.

5. Lunch Lady Subscription – Lunch Lady - £61 for annual, £14 for an issue - Colourful, thoughtful and full-of-cheek. A beautifully printed kitchen keepsake full of recipes, inspiring family stories, photography, art + kids cooking ideas and funny relatable opinion pieces about the ups and downs of raising children.

6. Best Mum/Mama Biscuit Set – Honeywell Bakes - £20-30 - Includes five delicious vanilla heart biscuits, and one with your choice of message. Each biscuit is hand painted with edible paint, and finished with 24 carat gold leaf.

7. Bespoke Gin Botanicals – Gin Fusion – £19.99 - Ginfusion offer carefully selected aromatic herbs and spices that have been chosen to complement and enhance today's multitude of individually crafted gins. Simply add to gin & tonic for an extra special tipple.


8. Coconut Bowls – Coconut Bowls & A Circle Back - £32.99 for four or £9.99 each – Made from otherwise wasted coconut shells, these light weight sustainable bowls are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Use for porridge, smoothie bowls, salads and more. 

9. All Plants Meal Delivery – All Plants – Vouchers from £25 or Gift Box from £46 - After a busy day on the go, its tough to make delicious, plant-based meals from scratch. These handmade dishes are lovingly delivered direct to your doorstep.



Always on the go and never running out of steam? An edit of gifts for the woman on the go, those keeping fit and ones who are running to keep up! 


From left to right:

1. Class Pass – Class Pass – From £50 – A gift card for Class Pass. The perfect gift for fitness lovers. Access the best workout classes and studios with one membership. Cycling, boxing, barre, yoga and more!


2. Eco Luxury Yoga Mat – Manuka Life - £48 - Super lightweight, velvety to the touch and made to last. Non-toxic and free from ozone depleting materials secured with custom made tie for convenience. Reversible with contrasting colours on each side.

3. Reusable Coffee Cup – Frank Green and A Circle Back – From £19.99 – Stylish reusable coffee cup with press release top for ease of drinking and zero spiling. Dishwasher safe. Sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups.


4. Revi Zip Hoodie – Know the Origin - £54 – Zip thru hoodie with pockets made from 100% organic cotton. Certified Fairtrade. Super soft & perfect to throw on after the gym or for a walk in the park or countryside.

5. Running My Way by Tamsin Imber – Waterstones - £12.99 - Running My Way explores the empowering sense of freedom and achievement that running can bring into the chaotic, stressful life of a typically selfless mum. Mocked by an old friend, Tamsin sets off on a bumpy road that leads to a rewarding new social life and countless hilarious adventures.



6. Mama Sweatshirt – Selfish Mother - £55 – Black & Gold MAMA Boyfriend Sweatshirt. 85% organic cotton. £5 from every sale goes towards their charity fund supporting 10 deserving causes they believe in.

7. Reusable Glass Water Bottle – Equa Bottle and A Circle Back - £22 – Beautiful glass water bottle with metallic lid and coloured silicone bottom. Dishwasher safe. Made in Europe. Sustainable refillable bottle.

8. Lobster Swimsuit – Batoko - £40 – Made from recycled plastic waste that would otherwise have been destined for landfill and our oceans. Consciously made in a factory that cares about its workers and the environment.

9. Active Quick Dry Towel – Dock & Bay – From £15-24 – Quick dry compact towel for the gym, yoga & sports in small pouch. 30% of the material is created from recycled plastic bottles. Lightweight. Elastic hook for easy drying. 100% biodegradable packaging.


Gifts for the exhausted wonder woman in need of five minutes peace, a mindful moment and some TLC. 

From left to right:

1. Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream – Aurelia - £28 – This exquisite, scientifically-advanced hand cream helps to diminish the signs of pigmentation while deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin for brighter, softer, younger-looking hands and stronger nails. Cruelty Free. Ethically sourced. Bio Organic.

2. Natural Cardigan No 18 – Babaà Knitwear - £170 - Cool and comfy with a chunky structure and dropped shoulders, crafted from Spanish yarn. It comes from local producers in Andalucia, South Spain. Undyed cotton showing this fibre´s natural colour as part of our natural collection.Finished with buttons made out of recycled cotton fibre.

3. Facial Oil – By Sarah London - £12 - A multi award-winning Organic Facial Oil blended with certified-organic Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E to provide long-lasting nourishment, boost collagen levels and promote healthy, flawless skin. 99% Organic. 100% Natural.

4. Eye Pillow – Blasta Henriet or A Circle Back - £15 – A natural hot & cold pack in linen for yoga practice and all over body application. Designed to block out unwanted light and soothe tired eyes. The Eye Pillow will help deepen relaxation and aid sleep. Add your own scent with your own organic essential oils. 

5. All the Love Candle - Seven Seventeen - £16-34 – Black Pomegranate, modern spiced scent. Hand-poured in England. Plant based waxes. Each candle is presented in a recycled glass pharmacy jar and finished with cotton wicks. £1 from every candle to PANDAS foundation, supporting mothers suffering from pre and postnatal mental illness.

6. Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers – The Small Home - £42 – Incredibly cosy, 100% handmade sheepskin moccasins, traditionally crafted in the Polish Mountains.

7.Pyjama Short Set – Piglet in Bed - £80 – 100% natural stonewash flax pyjamas. Relaxed oversized look. Linen is warm and cosy in the winter and fresh and cool in the warmer months. 

8. Ten Deep Breaths Bracelet – Dept Store for the Mind - £12 – Adjustable unisex bracelet made from waxed cotton and brass beads. A simple reminder to breathe deeply at moments of high tension. Inhale and exhale once for each bead.

9. Eye Mask & Lavender Sachet Set – La Aquarelle – £34 -  Handmade plant dyed organic sleep mask and Lavender sleep sachet in a cotton drawstring bag.



Whatever gift you buy, here's to thoughtful treats, spending on sustainability and purchases with purpose. Gifts with love, that give back. 


M x

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